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Lakefront Park, NY

Empire State Carousel, Farmers' Museum Cooperstown NY

A great Cooperstown attraction recently became even greater with the Farmers' Museum's addition of the Empire State Carousel. The best carousel we've ever been on, this is the merriest of merry-go-rounds lovingly crafted from a 1947 vintage carousel mechanism. Master carver Gerry Holzman, of Islip, NY, and more than 1,000 volunteers across the state spent over two decades creating this joyful masterpiece. The result: endless joy for children and adults alike who marvel at the 25 riding animals native to New York State, 23 carved portrait panels of famous New Yorkers, eight carved folklore panels depicting the regions of New York and "The Mighty & Magnificent Military Band" Organ. (photo by Eric J. Hurwitz)


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